Seminar Programs

Seminar Programs

It is anticipated that the Seminar Programs will play an important part in GTU's development. The University's Seminar Programs will serve those individuals and organizations who feel the need for abbreviated insights into specific areas of academic, social and economic interest that can best be handled through a seminar program based on the science of power.  Inquiries can be emailed to .

Seminar Programs will use the Parapometrics methodology to illuminate specific areas of interest to the general public. They will also be tailored to meet the needs of specific corporate, government, educational, political, religious and other organizations who feel the need to reconcile, or at least understand, how their own political, philosophical or theological positions can withstand the objective scrutiny and cross-examination of organic theology and law and the science of power.

Those interested in attending Seminar Programs through GTU will be asked to communicate that interest to the University along with any specific subjects or areas of interest they would like to see addressed in those seminars. The seminars will be brought on line as time and financial constraints permit.

The cost of, and admissions to Seminar Programs, will be handled individually for each seminar.

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