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Why the Association of Western Trustees and Alumni?

Enrollment Form

Why the Association of Western Trustees and Alumni? Enrollment Form

The unique nature of GTU and the organic philosophy of education also require that GTU not confine its call for intellectual, academic and financial support to Western students, scholars and faculty, but that it should extend its invitation for support to all current and former trustees of Western colleges and universities and to all past graduates of those institutions through the Association of Western Trustees and Alumni.

While GTU does not yet have its own organization of alumni, its inauguration of the organic philosophy of education will begin to resonate with the alumni of established institutions of higher learning throughout the Western World that have become disenchanted with the agendas of a multicultural academy beholden to the Money Power and committed to the destruction of Western Values and Western Civilization. The constituency of Western Alumni is typically the greatest source of funds for meeting the financial needs of Western institutions of higher learning and its support in the development of GTU will certainly facilitate the process of internationally consolidating the primary level of Western Intellect through the University's Academy of Western Scholars. The support of Western Trustees will also prove invaluable for establishing GTU.

GTU has thus established an arm for alumni and trustees. The graduates and trustees of the colleges and universities of the United States and the Western World can show their solidarity for the Western Academy and their support for GTU by joining The Association of Western Trustees and Alumni. Members will have access to GTU's news room on the Internet. They will become Friends of the Western Academy and join the Friends of GTU. They will receive the University's newsletter, Grand Teton, along with information on pending publications, seminars and events. Members will also receive a two-issue subscription to PARAPOMETRICS®, Journal of the International Parapometrics Institute.

Once an adequate membership is established, members of  The Association of Western Trustees and Alumni will receive the publication Western Alumnus focusing on the broader interests and concerns of the constituency of trustees and alumni.

Those joining The Association of Western Trustees and Alumni will also become Friends of GTU and Friends of the Western Academy. They will not only be forging a new identity for the Western Academy, they will be participating, as well, in what can certainly be described as one of the most exciting academic developments in history.

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Association of Western Trustees and Alumni
Grand Teton University
P.O. Box 15480
Jackson, WY 83002

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