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Scholars & Students
Learn the extent of what is missing from the traditional  curriculum
Interested in providing content and courses for GTU?
Learn how organic monetary law will advance your curricula
Learn how organic law will enhance your professions
Corporations & Unions
Learn how the paradigm of power stimulates corporate efficiency and advances labor
Understand the social effects of a debt-money system
Learn how the science of power is essential to political success
Learn the link between environmental degradation, debt, and the money system
Learn the forces of the Money Power pitted against organic government
Friends & Benefactors
How you can help
Introducing the Academic Prospectus for:
A New Type of University
A "Virtual University" providing distance learning and combining traditional course credit and competency-based education through the International Parapometrics Institute
A New Curriculum
Based on the transformational paradigms of organic theology and law and the Parapometrics methodology, the science of power
A New Academy of Western Scholars
Fulfilling the aspirations of Plato's Academy through the conceptual catalyst of the power-paradigm of monetary understanding
A New Intelligentsia
To lead the world from the preorganic to the organic era of human history

"Transforming the Foundations of Education for the Third Millennium"

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